November 18, 2015

inner illuminosity

This morning, I gave my muse the pen. I have been in a place of frustration, I’d say despair and hopelessness after the Paris shooting last Friday. When I heard Francois Hollande declared that France is at war with ISIL, my heart sank further: News of the French bombings in Syria, American governors denying asylum to Syrian refugees, bombings in Beirut, speeches of fear and hatred, of retribution, or when my 15 year old daughter said she is scared to go to another baseball game or anywhere large crowds gathered. How do I help my daughters make sense of all this? Of the world we live in, when I cannot make sense of it myself?

My muse wrote and reminded me to operate from a place of love, not fear. I was told that by spreading and sharing this love, I will touch those I encounter and in turn they will reach others. She told me to always hold love in my heart. She loves me and it is with love that we will navigate and operate. Love UNITES, love HEALS, love IS.

And it came to me! My family creates prayer flags on New Year’s Day and I want to share this ritual with my community. I am calling a red thread circle to create prayer flags on January 2 (Saturday) focusing on love, peace, and compassion. The circle is about giving our dreams, our prayers, our intentions a platform. It is about planting seeds of hope, peace, and love and visualizing or allowing the vibrations to permeate, to flow. More details on this red thread circle to come soon.

I also decided to give my muse a place to speak, under “My Musings”.           "Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

                                         ~ Martin Luther King Jr.