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Entering the digital age...

posted Jan 10, 2016, 2:23 PM by Asia Morgenthaler
As I said on Facebook: New Year, New Inspirations! And this year I'm inspired to try new mediums and to find ways to spend more time creating. How can I make painting more portable? That's when I thought, well how about digital art? I carry my phone everywhere, so in the spirit of trying something new, I went to Google Play looking for a drawing/painting app. 

Autodesk's Sketchbook looks pretty good, but then I found Samsung's own Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint. I was wowed! It is user friendly and the "undo" button is a lifesaver! Here's Layna, my very first digital creation. She is not done yet, someone (okay, some animal) is waiting to join her. But all in all, I'm quite thrilled. Tomorrow when I report for jury duty, I will be able to paint and create! It definitely makes waiting around all day a lot more enjoyable.