Red Thread Women Circle

Women have been gathering in circles throughout history to

share and support each other’s experiences, stories, and journeys.

There are many legends surrounding the legend of the Red Thread:

the Chinese believe that people who are meant to meet are

connected by an invisible red thread before birth.

The Red Thread Women Circle offers a safe and supportive space

for women to connect with each other and

to explore their own unique gifts.

Art is the perfect medium 

to reclaim our creative power and to explore our internal landscape.

We will reconnect with our inner knowing through the creative process,

reclaiming the joy in creation

that is uniquely our own,

independent on other's approval.

We will begin to get clearer about where we want to go with our lives,

what they want to do,

what is their heart's calling - deepest desires,

gaining clarity around what they are passionate about,

what breaks their hearts the most,

how to contribute to the world in ways that have been developed

by their profound motherhood experiences,

gracefully moving toward crone-hood

and embodying all that that means.

Join our Circle!

We'll begin each circle with the Red Thread ritual to create a sacred space for women 

to connect, explore, and share.

You will be led through a visionary journey to reconnect

with your inner knowing and cultivate your inner creative expression.

You'll be guided to paint using the Color of Women

step-by-step painting method. 

We'll share a quick potluck dinner together.

At the end of the gathering, you'll go home with your own original creation 

accessed directly from your own inner guidance system. 

Cancellation Policy: Registration is confirmed once payment is received. Refund available up to 1 week before the gathering.